The Founder Story

My earliest memories have motorcycles in them. My love for the motorcycle way of life only grew stronger with every bike I rode.

But it was when I built my first motorcycle that my innate sense of design found expression as I worked to get the bike to echo my own personality — a laborious though ultimately rewarding process that spanned seven long months. It was during these months that my future in motorcycle design was cemented.

It took toil and turbulence, but the final result was a head turner that started it all.

It was the very first Vardenchi, and it gave rise to requests for many more to be born.

That first experiment in motorcycle design was enough to convince me to quit my day job and pursue, full time, the motorcycle life.


Major Milestones

From 2005 to 2019, Vardenchi has been on a ride of a lifetime.

These are the highlights of the trailblazing journey.


2005: 12 months see the creation of 12 Vardenchi’s. Akshai Varde realizes his dream, and a company is formed.


2006: The efforts of 2005 get recognition as Vardenchi gets exclusive coverage in every auto and lifestyle magazine in the country.


2007: The release of Ghost Rider in Mumbai sees the successful creation of a Vardenchi chopper replica of the bike featured in the movie.


2008: A huge year for the company. The number of Vardenchis designed and executed triples, tripling the overall revenue too!


2009: A 100-percent in-house manufacturing facility is set up, giving Vardenchi full control of every aspect of quality and production. Akshai is given the honour of doing a TED Talk at Velammal Engineering College, Chennai.


2010: A memorable year for a memorable reason. Vardenchi nabs first place at the Royal Enfield Rider Mania custom-bike competition!


2011: Another proud moment … Vardenchi creates an official brand bike for the Sunburn music festival, complete with India’s first-ever 300mm section rear tyre — a creation that goes on to win second place at Rider Mania that year.


2013: A year that sees a power partnership with a tremendous outcome. Vardenchi partners the Italian Motomorini for engine and technology supply. The result? A flagship Vardenchi motorcycle!


2014: The first-of-its-kind creation is displayed at the Auto Expo.


2015: An enormous milestone for Akshai. He bags the Maxell Entrepreneur of the Year Award!


2016: The Vardenchi lifestyle division is launched, inclusive of parts, apparel, and safety gear.


2017: Akshai gives a TED Talk at VIT, Pune.


2018: And another big one … The company’s very first garage studio opens in Mumbai City.


The Motorcycle Life 

Since 2005, we have been committed to the art of motorcycle design. It is with this same passion for bikes that we have designed our line of exclusive parts, fashion motorcycle helmets, lifestyle riding gear, and motorcycle apparel — both safety and lifestyle wearables — each crafted to spark the biker in you to live the motorcycle life.


The Lifestyle Garage

A place to come live the motorcycle Life. Upgrade and customize your bike while you can choose from a range of Lifestyle riding gear and Apparel all under one roof.


The Bikes

A Vardenchi isn’t fashioned merely from metal.

Every part is designed and executed to ultimately echo the motorcycle spirit.

Precision, aesthetics, durability, and efficiency are at the core of what we do, and the motorcycle life inspires us to do it.