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vardenchi vision bike


Since 2005, we have been committed to the art of motorcycle design. It is with this passion for bikes that we have designed our line of exclusive parts, fashion motorcycle helmets, lifestyle riding gear, and motorcycle apparel (both safety and lifestyle wearables) each crafted to spark the biker in you to live the motorcycle life.

vardenchi mission bike


A Vardenchi isn’t fashioned merely from metal. Every part is designed and executed to ultimately echo the motorcycle spirit. Precision, aesthetics, durability and efficiency are at the core of what we do, and the motorcycle life inspires us to do it.

vardenchi mission bike

The Lifestyle

A place to come live the motorcycle Life. Upgrade and customize your bike while you can choose from a range of Lifestyle riding gear and Apparel all under one roof.

An extremely cool business opportunity in the industry of premium motorcycles. If you have a flair for bikes, and would like to cater to the premium motorcycle clientele in your city, this may be the perfect venture for you. Give us a call or fill the form.

  • Entire range of products available at one location.

  • A valuable 'touch and feel' experience.

  • Instant upgrades to your Motorcycle in the on-site service bay.

  • A comprehensive and deep discussion with a design consultant on compatible Exclusive Parts and suitable Riding Gear and Apparel.

vardenchi our story bike


My earliest memories have motorcycles in them. My love for the motorcycle way of life only grew stronger with every bike I rode.

It was when I built my first motorcycle that my innate sense of design found expression, as I worked to get the bike to echo my own personality — a laborious, though ultimately rewarding process that spanned seven long months. These months cemented my future in motorcycle design.

Through toil and turbulence, the final result was a head-turner that started it all.

It was the very first Vardenchi that gave rise to requests for many more to be born.

That first experiment in motorcycle design was enough to convince me to quit my day job and make a career out of the motorcycle life.

vardenchi our story bike


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