The rebel in you wants to stand out and be heard. This design is sure to deliver on that promise. At Vardenchi we are excited to introduce the Garage Builds, A customization for your motorcycle that will deepen the bond you already have with your bike. 

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Typically a Bobber has short muscular design lines with a lowered seat height and a thick front tyre. What we did leave out were the ape hanger handlebars and replaced them with the "Hot Rod Compact CL" handle bars to give it a much more structured ride position. Something that enables more control over that massive front end. 

The reason we say Massive is because it is a 110mm x 90 x 19" front tyre that gives great stability to the motorcycle. Fitted onto 13 spoke alloys give it a simple yet solid feel.The rear tyre is a 120mm x 90 x 18” which is perfect to give that classic bike feel while still having great grip on the street. The whitewalls which are our one of the favourite features bring that retro feel beautifully to the whole image. 

The lighting is all LED but housed in classic teardrop Indicator Aluminium GDC casings and round classic tail lamp Aluminium GDC casings. Bring that modern utility to the retro appeal. Same with the Headlamp. Its an all LED function with Projector lenses but in a classic small dome shape.

The Body Kit is a Bull Dog Body Kit that is pure classic muscle. It has a strong surface design and detailing in just the right places. Fits onto the Enfield Classic Electra Standard models with the Full body Kit brackets. The front fender has an exceptionally cool bracket that also doubles up as a fork brace.. Something that adds oodles of that custom feel to your Garage Build.

The Seat on this Garage Build is extra cool. Its our Bulldog seat done in a real deep English brown and we have used the same trim for the tank top panel as well.

A lot of the Vardenchi Exclusive Parts go into adding more comfort Safety and utility on this Garage Build like the Retro Exhaust, the Stonewall Bashplate, the Bar End Indicators and the CNC Mirrors. 

Overall it has a very British muscle feel like a Bulldog.

Karan designed his custom decal of a Taurus, his star sign and created a signature of it too. He helped embed it into the tank and rear fender and really added a personal touch to his Garage Build.


Please bear in mind that photos may differ from actual items in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shoot or different monitor display settings.